Automate Your GYM So You Can Spend More Time On The Mats Doing What You Love!

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Amazing Follow Up

As soon as a lead is inputted in your system, the magic happens. Automated emails, calls, and even texts will be sent to make sure your lead converts into a new student.

Powerful Retention

After a student signs up our retention campaigns kick in. We track students who are not showing up and make sure they know they are missed, and give incentives to stay.

Attendance Tracking

Print out ID cards and scan them with your phone or any QR code reader. Audio alerts will trigger for any condition you specify. Plus, you will have a full history of attendance.

Easy To Use

You and your staff will be able to easily add new leads, contracts, and change student classes with just a few clicks. No one will need to be afraid to access InfusedGym. 🙂

How Much Time Do You Spend Behind A Desk:

  • Setting up marketing campaigns,
  • Answering phones,
  • Answering emails,
  • Doing sales consultations,
  • Processing billing,
  • Call up missing or delinquent students,
  • Sending out birthday letters,
  • Scheduling email broadcasts,
  • Keeping track of attendance manually,
  • Figuring out how to promote and upgrade,
  • And calculating your baseline business metrics?

Did you start your gym so you could become a desk jockey?

Why spend all that time behind a desk when InfusedGym can do it better and faster?

Here is just some of the Automation that takes place within InfusedGym through your customer's lifecycle in your business:

  • Lead
  • Appointments
  • Student
  • Attendance
  • Delinquent
  • Quit
  • Leads can be automatically generated through web forms on your website, or can easily be entered by your staff through our interface
  • Appointment Campaign is triggered, buttering them up to make an appointment at your gym.
  • Content Campaign is triggered, delivering high quality content that will entice your customer to love your gym, even if they aren't ready to join yet.
  • Segmented by the type of program they are interested in, and can be easily targeted for special offers.

InfusedGym Service Options

Free Consultation Session

If you are not sure if where you are at with your business or how InfusedGym can help, we are here to help evaluate your current business strategy and figure out what we can do to help. Even if we aren't a good fit for you, we will give the best implementation strategies that your business calls for. Our martial arts business consultants will speak with you, free of charge, for an hour, so make sure you take notes.

Kick Start Service

If you need InfusedGym, and know your way around our software, then this is the option for you. We will install InfusedGym for you and make sure everything is running properly before giving you the wheel. If you do get stuck somewhere along the road, our support team will always be around to help. Plus, you will have access to our support library with video tutorials on how to use InfusedGym to it's maximum potential.

Done For You Service

If you want an expert to take care of everything, from installation, to managing your application, this is the best option for you. We will take care of setting up new campaigns, creating email templates on the fly, doing email broadcasts, generating reports, and more. We will also train you so that you know how to fully use the application. This is the quickest way to get started and ensure your business is on autopilot.