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Update #23 – Improved Mobile Scanning and Open Mat Updates

I have made some updates to the Scanner and Self Scanner based on feedback from my users to increase the ease of use. You can now use your mobile devices with InfusedGym pages to do ID card scanning. Previously you had to use a dedicated QR scanner application, which has it’s own issues with some users (requiring logging in after a scan).

Now, the Scanner and Self Scanner can be accessed through your mobile devices browser just like when you are connected to a desktop PC/MAC. There are a few gotchas to be aware of:

  1. Make sure your mobile browser Allows Pop ups and Javascript, as InfusedGym needs them to function properly. Also turn off any pop up blockers if you have them enabled.
  2. If you are using iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad), your scanning will function differently. Rather than being always on camera feed, you will simply take a picture of the QR code using your browser. After taking the picture, it will then scan as normal. This is a limitation set by iOS, as it doesn’t allow browser to a live feed of your camera. That being the case, Android devices have better functionality than Apple in this department.

Another update is how Open Mat attendances are recorded. Normal operation is that when a student checked in without having a class set or not checking in within 30 minutes of their class, they would be attended as Open Mat, with the option of checking into a class. However, there was a bug that after checking into a class, the student would remain checked into the Open Mat and the selected class. This has now been fixed and if a class is selected after being marked for Open mat, the Open Mat session will be removed from their attendance records and note history.

I hope these two updates will facilitate in making scanning easier and keep your attendance records cleaner. 🙂

Update #22 – Add Your Own Twilio Account For Texting

Several users had expressed that they wanted to use their own Twilio accounts to do texting with InfusedGym, so I have made the appropriate changes to allow you to do just that!

The texting works the same as before, but you will need to setup your own Twilio account in order to send out texts through InfusedGym. A Twilio account is free to register for, and only costs $1 a month for most people to have a Twilio number. Each text and minute of voice calls only costs $0.0075 in the US and Canada (for other countries, check here).

To setup your InfusedGym and Twilio accounts for texting, it takes about 5 minutes to do. I have a step-by-step video showing you how to do in now in the Training library.

I will be closing off texting accounts that I had generated for my initial group of users on November 4th, 2016. Please make sure you have setup your own Twilio account by then to avoid any disruption in your texting.

By the way, for recommended practices for texting, please check out this blog post.

Update #21 – EFT/ACH Billing through InfusedGym

I know I have had a few of you request the ability to bill customers bank accounts (using the account and routing numbers) for a while now. This took a while to create, as Infusionsoft doesn’t provide this natively.

Well, now we can!

InfusedGym can bill via EFT/ACH using provides a service called, which allows InfusedGym to bill your customers via their bank accounts. This service is ONLY available in the United States at the moment.

If you do not have a gateway account with, please email me at so I can help you set it up.

To learn how this new feature is setup and functions, please visit our training library.

Update #20 – Use Multiple Tax Rates or Combine them

If you are being taxed and need to pass that cost on, this update will make it easier to calculate.

InfusedGym now allows you to apply two different tax rates that can be applied separately or combined together on a purchase or subscription.

Some of you are unfortunately being taxed for your products and services, and sometimes at different rates. That can make things a bit more difficult to keep track of, so this update addresses these concerns.

Infusionsoft is designed to tax based on your customers billing address. It allows you to tax based on their country, state, or city. All subscriptions (membership agreements and payments) if taxable will use the country tax as the tax rate.

For products purchased through the Contact Purchase menu, I have now added the option of using state tax to combine with the country tax to create a new tax rate. For example, if your country tax is 9% and state tax is 4%, a final tax of 13% will be applied to the purchase. If only a country tax is set, then it will remain at 9%.

I go through the complete setup process on the video in our Training Library.

  • September 20, 2016
  • Updates

Update #19 – Online Payments For Contact Purchase Menu

This update is going to give you some more flexibility in ways of running payments for customer purchases.

The Contact Purchase Menu now allows you to bill contacts through Infusionsoft!

It works very similar to the Standard Contract, where you can choose a linked credit card or input a new credit card to bill the customer for. This will bill the customer immediately through Infusionsoft, and will verify if the card is valid and if the charge was accepted. You can still choose to accept offline payments recorded, whether they be cash, check, credit card, or money order. You also can give away products or free admission to events as well.

Keep in mind, if you are going to add new credit cards, you will need the proper billing info (address, phone, etc.) to properly pass through AVS checks for credit cards. This should make running charges easier if you do not have a local credit card terminal or method of processing credit cards locally, although I still recommend you acquire such an ability outside of Infusionsoft, as local transactions will have lower transaction rates and have better odds of fighting back charge backs.

To learn more about the new feature, visit our Training Library!

Update #18 – Alerts Editor

This is very simple update, but can help reduce inbox clutter and make your check-in less aggressive.

The new Alerts Editor menu allows you to turn off notifications and alerts that InfusedGym generates when students check in to class, a contact profile is loaded, or when a new lead or member is created.

Visit the Training Library for more information about this!

Update #17 – Consultant Email Notifications When Appointment Is Cancelled or Rescheduled

This update is pretty simple. Now when an appointment is changed to the status of Cancelled or Rescheduled, the consultant in charge of that appointment will get an email notification alerting him of the update.

Keep in mind, email notifications will only be issued of the consultant has an email address setup in the Staff Editor menu.

If you aren’t familiar yet with the Staff Editor, please watch this video to learn how to use it.

Update #16 – Unpaid Invoice Report

This update adds some tweaks and fixes, and includes a new report, the Unpaid Invoice Report.

This report will allow you to see all of your unpaid invoices, and be able to manually mark them off as paid, update the student type, and update the expiration date if necessary.

This report is designed for you to quickly handle your offline billing (if you take cash, check, EFT/ACH, or any payments you handle NOT using Infusionsoft/InfusedGym). Please be aware that this does not actually process payments, it just records the payment.

You can watch the video to learn more on how it works at the Training Library.

Update #15 – Appointment Notifications for Staff, Enhanced editing for Subscriptions

This first update will make your managers lives a little easier.

We have updated the Invoices section in the Contact page to add some more functionality to it. When you open the Invoices modal inside the contact page, you will now see more info being displayed, such as subscription start date, next payment date, end date, and status. When you click on a subscription, it will now open a new modal that will allow you to edit the subscription settings. You will be able to change the product, payment amount, auto bill, status, frequency, start date, end date, and credit card associated with it.

A few notes about the subscriptions update:

  • You cannot change the Next Payment Date. This is limited by the Infusionsoft API and there isn’t anything I can do about it. If you need to change the payment date, the current work around is to cancel the current subscription and create a new subscription. Annoying, but gets the job done.
  • You must enter the admin password to make a change to a subscription. This is to safeguard this page and prevent your lower level staff from making changes. Keep in mind that if you use a shared computer to access this page, be sure to NOT save your password here. If you do, then the autofill may prepopulate this and give unwanted staff members the ability to make changes.

This next update will make your consultants happy.

We have just overhauled the Staff editor so that it can now store phone numbers, email, Infusionsoft Id’s, and more. This is going to allow us to do a lot more automation tasks, but for the moment now whenever a new appointment is created for a staff member, they will get an email notification with the appointment details.

A few notes about this:

  • The Appointment Type must be set to “Appointment” in order for the consultant to get a notification
  • The Consultant must have an email entered in the system.

So watch the video to learn how to update your staffs information so they can begin getting the email notifications.

Visit the Training Library

Update #14 – Quicker Access to Contact Tags, Sales Taxes, Sorting Custom Fields

I think everyone will love this update. 🙂

I have now added a new panel in the contact page which displays all the contact tags by both tag category and tag name. So simple, but it saves you a few clicks to get access to needed info.

You will still need to access the Open > Tags menu to add or remove tags, which has also been updated. You will now see a new column showing the tag category, and when you apply tags, you will see all tags are sorted by tag category and then tag name – making it a whole lot easier to find your tags.

I have also added the ability to apply sales taxes to standard contracts, and give you the option of sorting your custom fields on the contact page as well. To learn more about these new features, watch the videos in the Training Library.

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