November 17

Update #23 – Improved Mobile Scanning and Open Mat Updates


I have made some updates to the Scanner and Self Scanner based on feedback from my users to increase the ease of use. You can now use your mobile devices with InfusedGym pages to do ID card scanning. Previously you had to use a dedicated QR scanner application, which has it’s own issues with some users (requiring logging in after a scan).

Now, the Scanner and Self Scanner can be accessed through your mobile devices browser just like when you are connected to a desktop PC/MAC. There are a few gotchas to be aware of:

  1. Make sure your mobile browser Allows Pop ups and Javascript, as InfusedGym needs them to function properly. Also turn off any pop up blockers if you have them enabled.
  2. If you are using iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad), your scanning will function differently. Rather than being always on camera feed, you will simply take a picture of the QR code using your browser. After taking the picture, it will then scan as normal. This is a limitation set by iOS, as it doesn’t allow browser to a live feed of your camera. That being the case, Android devices have better functionality than Apple in this department.

Another update is how Open Mat attendances are recorded. Normal operation is that when a student checked in without having a class set or not checking in within 30 minutes of their class, they would be attended as Open Mat, with the option of checking into a class. However, there was a bug that after checking into a class, the student would remain checked into the Open Mat and the selected class. This has now been fixed and if a class is selected after being marked for Open mat, the Open Mat session will be removed from their attendance records and note history.

I hope these two updates will facilitate in making scanning easier and keep your attendance records cleaner. 🙂


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