September 6

Update #19 – Online Payments For Contact Purchase Menu


This update is going to give you some more flexibility in ways of running payments for customer purchases.

The Contact Purchase Menu now allows you to bill contacts through Infusionsoft!

It works very similar to the Standard Contract, where you can choose a linked credit card or input a new credit card to bill the customer for. This will bill the customer immediately through Infusionsoft, and will verify if the card is valid and if the charge was accepted. You can still choose to accept offline payments recorded, whether they be cash, check, credit card, or money order. You also can give away products or free admission to events as well.

Keep in mind, if you are going to add new credit cards, you will need the proper billing info (address, phone, etc.) to properly pass through AVS checks for credit cards. This should make running charges easier if you do not have a local credit card terminal or method of processing credit cards locally, although I still recommend you acquire such an ability outside of Infusionsoft, as local transactions will have lower transaction rates and have better odds of fighting back charge backs.

To learn more about the new feature, visit our Training Library!


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