October 24

Update #21 – EFT/ACH Billing through InfusedGym


I know I have had a few of you request the ability to bill customers bank accounts (using the account and routing numbers) for a while now. This took a while to create, as Infusionsoft doesn’t provide this natively.

Well, now we can!

InfusedGym can bill via EFT/ACH using Authorize.net. Authorize.net provides a service called eCheck.net, which allows InfusedGym to bill your customers via their bank accounts. This service is ONLY available in the United States at the moment.

If you do not have a gateway account with Authorize.net, please email me at David@Infusedgym.com so I can help you set it up.

To learn how this new feature is setup and functions, please visit our training library.


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