Monthly Archives: August 2016

Update #17 – Consultant Email Notifications When Appointment Is Cancelled or Rescheduled

This update is pretty simple. Now when an appointment is changed to the status of Cancelled or Rescheduled, the consultant in charge of that appointment will get an email notification alerting him of the update.

Keep in mind, email notifications will only be issued of the consultant has an email address setup in the Staff Editor menu.

If you aren’t familiar yet with the Staff Editor, please watch this video to learn how to use it.

Update #16 – Unpaid Invoice Report

This update adds some tweaks and fixes, and includes a new report, the Unpaid Invoice Report.

This report will allow you to see all of your unpaid invoices, and be able to manually mark them off as paid, update the student type, and update the expiration date if necessary.

This report is designed for you to quickly handle your offline billing (if you take cash, check, EFT/ACH, or any payments you handle NOT using Infusionsoft/InfusedGym). Please be aware that this does not actually process payments, it just records the payment.

You can watch the video to learn more on how it works at the Training Library.