The G.A.M.E. Changing Webinar – May 10th

Time To Get The G.A.M.E.
Gym Automation Made Easy Webinar!

May 10th: 2pm and 8pm EST

G.A.M.E. On!

Learn how you can automate your workflow with automated marketing campaigns, retention emails, billing notifications, easy check-ins, promotion reports, and much more in this eye opening webinar!

4 Good Reasons to Sign Up Today:

Easy Check-ins With ID Cards

Print out ID cards and scan them with your phone or any QR code reader. Audio alerts will trigger for any condition you specify. Plus, you will have a full history of attendance.

Appointment Tracking

Have automated confirmation and reminders sent out to leads that create appointments, and have accurate statistics of your sales team performance across your programs.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

As soon as a lead is inputted in your system, the magic happens. Automated emails, calls, and even texts will be sent to make sure your lead converts into a new student.

Easy To Use & Mobile Friendly

You and your staff will be able to easily add new leads, contracts, and change student classes with just a few clicks. Plus, InfusedGym is 100% mobile friendly!