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Update #20 – Use Multiple Tax Rates or Combine them

If you are being taxed and need to pass that cost on, this update will make it easier to calculate.

InfusedGym now allows you to apply two different tax rates that can be applied separately or combined together on a purchase or subscription.

Some of you are unfortunately being taxed for your products and services, and sometimes at different rates. That can make things a bit more difficult to keep track of, so this update addresses these concerns.

Infusionsoft is designed to tax based on your customers billing address. It allows you to tax based on their country, state, or city. All subscriptions (membership agreements and payments) if taxable will use the country tax as the tax rate.

For products purchased through the Contact Purchase menu, I have now added the option of using state tax to combine with the country tax to create a new tax rate. For example, if your country tax is 9% and state tax is 4%, a final tax of 13% will be applied to the purchase. If only a country tax is set, then it will remain at 9%.

I go through the complete setup process on the video in our Training Library.

  • September 20, 2016
  • Updates

Update #19 – Online Payments For Contact Purchase Menu

This update is going to give you some more flexibility in ways of running payments for customer purchases.

The Contact Purchase Menu now allows you to bill contacts through Infusionsoft!

It works very similar to the Standard Contract, where you can choose a linked credit card or input a new credit card to bill the customer for. This will bill the customer immediately through Infusionsoft, and will verify if the card is valid and if the charge was accepted. You can still choose to accept offline payments recorded, whether they be cash, check, credit card, or money order. You also can give away products or free admission to events as well.

Keep in mind, if you are going to add new credit cards, you will need the proper billing info (address, phone, etc.) to properly pass through AVS checks for credit cards. This should make running charges easier if you do not have a local credit card terminal or method of processing credit cards locally, although I still recommend you acquire such an ability outside of Infusionsoft, as local transactions will have lower transaction rates and have better odds of fighting back charge backs.

To learn more about the new feature, visit our Training Library!

Update #18 – Alerts Editor

This is very simple update, but can help reduce inbox clutter and make your check-in less aggressive.

The new Alerts Editor menu allows you to turn off notifications and alerts that InfusedGym generates when students check in to class, a contact profile is loaded, or when a new lead or member is created.

Visit the Training Library for more information about this!