Monthly Archives: April 2016

Update #6 – Rank Editor, Testing & Promotion Reports, Built in ID Scanner

I have been hard at work to add even more features based on user feedback for InfusedGym, and happen to announce these new features!

The new Rank Editor menu allows you to create your own ranks, and set up how the criteria needed for promotion based on test scores and amount of classes attended. It is now possible for students to have multiple ranks as well.

We have also added a built in ID Scanner that is compatible across all common OS (PC, and Mac). This simplifies the installation process and hassle in finding a good QR scanner for a desktop.

Finally, I have updated the attendance reports to automatically detect when students have achieved the proper amount of points or classes to make them eligible for promotion. There is also no a dedicated report to finding students who are eligible for promotion as well!

Visit our Training Libraries for specifics on how to use these new features!

Update #5 – Create multiple ID Card templates and no more macros

I know that the macros were probably a big pain in the butt, so I got rid of them.

The ID Card process is EVEN easier than before. You can now choose to create your own ID card templates, and have different backgrounds for different programs.

Plus, the cards are now made into PDF files, which saves you the trouble of having to convert any files. You can save them and email them to contacts for easy mobile scanning. Watch the video below to learn how to make the new ID Cards, and go to the Advanced Training Library to learn how to create the templates.

Update #4 – Product Orders and Setup Menu

If you ever wanted to sell record offline product purchases into Infusionsoft, now you can!

You can add products from Infusionsoft, change names, descriptions, prices, and even add different options for tiered pricing.

This will not only record the purchase as an offline cash purchase in Infusionsoft, it will also tag them so it can trigger campaign automation using a tag goal.

Click Here to go to the Advanced Training Library to learn more!

Update #3 – Drop In Classes

I had a customer request this feature a month ago upon joining, and I have finally gone around to implementing it into the InfusedGym. Watch the video to learn more on how to use Drop In Class Agreements with InfusedGym!

Update #2 – Order your Classes and Programs, and simpler ID Cards

A few things to update you all about for this week’s update to InfusedGym.

I have developed a new way of ordering classes, programs, and program plans that uses a simple, drag and drop editor. I saw the need for this as alphabetical order wasn’t cutting it. You can learn more about these updates in our Advanced Training Library.

Second, I simplified the ID Card template so that it would be easier to use and NOT require macros. I know that macros can be scary to the uninitiated, so I did away with them. Now when you download the ID card template, it will already be formatted to a standard business card size (3.5″ wide by 2.25″ tall, or 332px by 209px). I have added your own backgrounds with your company’s logo. If you want to generate your own background you can. Just email me a jpg file that is 332px wide by 209px tall to To learn more about the new ID card template, click here!