April 30

Update #6 – Rank Editor, Testing & Promotion Reports, Built in ID Scanner


I have been hard at work to add even more features based on user feedback for InfusedGym, and happen to announce these new features!

The new Rank Editor menu allows you to create your own ranks, and set up how the criteria needed for promotion based on test scores and amount of classes attended. It is now possible for students to have multiple ranks as well.

We have also added a built in ID Scanner that is compatible across all common OS (PC, and Mac). This simplifies the installation process and hassle in finding a good QR scanner for a desktop.

Finally, I have updated the attendance reports to automatically detect when students have achieved the proper amount of points or classes to make them eligible for promotion. There is also no a dedicated report to finding students who are eligible for promotion as well!

Visit our Training Libraries for specifics on how to use these new features!


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