April 8

Update #2 – Order your Classes and Programs, and simpler ID Cards


A few things to update you all about for this week’s update to InfusedGym.

I have developed a new way of ordering classes, programs, and program plans that uses a simple, drag and drop editor. I saw the need for this as alphabetical order wasn’t cutting it. You can learn more about these updates in our Advanced Training Library.

Second, I simplified the ID Card template so that it would be easier to use and NOT require macros. I know that macros can be scary to the uninitiated, so I did away with them. Now when you download the ID card template, it will already be formatted to a standard business card size (3.5″ wide by 2.25″ tall, or 332px by 209px). I have added your own backgrounds with your company’s logo. If you want to generate your own background you can. Just email me a jpg file that is 332px wide by 209px tall to info@infusedgym.com. To learn more about the new ID card template, click here!



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