March 23

Update #1 – Cancel classes, more Program flexibility


The initial group has been providing great feedback. I have been keeping in contact with them all regularly to see how they are doing, and one of the features that was requested was more flexibility with creating and editing programs. As everyone has different names and program structures, I have added in the ability to:

  • Create new programs
  • Rename programs
  • Deactivate and reactivate programs

This gives users a lot of options to create their own program structures with their chosen names. I have added new videos in Advanced Training Library to go over the extended functionality.

I have also added the ability to cancel classes. This means that if your gym is going to cancel a particular class for a day (say it is a holiday), you will be able to cancel that class for that day and prevent students from getting absent email automation. I have also given you the ability to cancel all classes for a day as well. This was a much needed update for InfusedGym, and I wanted to get this in there before anyone had need of this feature. There is also a new video showcasing this feature in the Advanced Training Library as well.


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