Monthly Archives: June 2016

Update #13 – SMS Text Chatting And Automated Texts!

I have been working hard on this for a while, and I am happy to bring this to you just before the weekend.

You now can Text Your Contacts with InfusedGym!

This will open up a LOT of possibilities for you. The best part is that all of the texts are stored inside Infusionsoft as Notes – both the ones you send and even the replies your customer send back to you.

Unlike other software, you can actually have a back and forth conversation through InfusedGym, and get email notifications every time someone replies to a text (both through your chat or the campaign builder).

Yes, you can now make your own text templates that you can use as HTTP Posts inside the campaign builder as well! The texts can also have merge fields in them, so you can personalize your texts to your contacts or use specific custom fields in them as well.

The text number is a unique number tied to your area code. However, if anyone calls it, the call will be forwarded to your business phone line (I am using the number that has been setup inside your Infusionsoft account as your business phone). If you want the calls to go to a different phone number, please reply and let me know.

Click Here To Learn More About Texting with InfusedGym!


Update #12 – Student Self Scanner and Add Your Custom Fields

The first new feature will be welcome add-on to those of you that use a lot of your own custom fields. InfusedGym will now allow you to choose which custom fields you want to see in the Contact Page and allow you to edit or update them at your leisure.

You no longer have go into Infusionsoft to edit your custom fields, so this should save a lot time.

The next feature is for gyms that have an unmanned front desk, or perhaps a more open check-in process.

The new Self Scanner is designed for a monitor that is facing your students rather that your staff. Very similar interface to the QR Scanner, but the page remains fixed on the scanning screen, and will only show basic contact information when they scan. All the same audio alerts and notifications still occur (along with email alerts).

To learn more about these features, visit our training library here!

Update #11 – Ranks Associated with Styles, and Faster Inputting of Agreements

InfusedGym now links Ranks and Classes to a Style rather than a program. This allows you to cater to many more ranks and to properly follow their progression in your promotion process.

Most of you won’t notice this change, but the next one you definitely will!

We have now added a drop down box in the Standard Contract page, which will allow you to select valid credit cards that are already linked to your contact. This will be a big help for those of you that are upgrading students and inputting new agreements.

To see how these updates work, visit our training library here!

Update #10 – Customizable Billing Cycles

I have been working on something that I think a lot of you will find tremendous value in. But, it will be a while before it is ready. I had a few customers ask me for this feature, so I made a quick adjustment to allow even more billing flexibility.

It is very simple. When you are inputting a new contract, you will now see a pair of fields underneath the start date called Billing Cycle Every. You can choose a cycle period (weeks,months, or years) and then input an integer for the number of cycles to wait before billing.

For example, if you want to bill for an after-school program on a bi-weekly basis (once every 2 weeks), you would set the cycle to Week and the frequency to 2. By default, it is set to Month and 1 (for a monthly payment plan). This billing cycle will apply to BOTH Recurring Payments and Automatic Renewal payments.

Please watch the video as some fields have been removed or replaced for simplicity.