June 2

Update #10 – Customizable Billing Cycles


I have been working on something that I think a lot of you will find tremendous value in. But, it will be a while before it is ready. I had a few customers ask me for this feature, so I made a quick adjustment to allow even more billing flexibility.

It is very simple. When you are inputting a new contract, you will now see a pair of fields underneath the start date called Billing Cycle Every. You can choose a cycle period (weeks,months, or years) and then input an integer for the number of cycles to wait before billing.

For example, if you want to bill for an after-school program on a bi-weekly basis (once every 2 weeks), you would set the cycle to Week and the frequency to 2. By default, it is set to Month and 1 (for a monthly payment plan). This billing cycle will apply to BOTH Recurring Payments and Automatic Renewal payments.

Please watch the video as some fields have been removed or replaced for simplicity.


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