June 15

Update #12 – Student Self Scanner and Add Your Custom Fields


The first new feature will be welcome add-on to those of you that use a lot of your own custom fields. InfusedGym will now allow you to choose which custom fields you want to see in the Contact Page and allow you to edit or update them at your leisure.

You no longer have go into Infusionsoft to edit your custom fields, so this should save a lot time.

The next feature is for gyms that have an unmanned front desk, or perhaps a more open check-in process.

The new Self Scanner is designed for a monitor that is facing your students rather that your staff. Very similar interface to the QR Scanner, but the page remains fixed on the scanning screen, and will only show basic contact information when they scan. All the same audio alerts and notifications still occur (along with email alerts).

To learn more about these features, visit our training library here!


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