July 19

Update #15 – Appointment Notifications for Staff, Enhanced editing for Subscriptions


This first update will make your managers lives a little easier.

We have updated the Invoices section in the Contact page to add some more functionality to it. When you open the Invoices modal inside the contact page, you will now see more info being displayed, such as subscription start date, next payment date, end date, and status. When you click on a subscription, it will now open a new modal that will allow you to edit the subscription settings. You will be able to change the product, payment amount, auto bill, status, frequency, start date, end date, and credit card associated with it.

A few notes about the subscriptions update:

  • You cannot change the Next Payment Date. This is limited by the Infusionsoft API and there isn’t anything I can do about it. If you need to change the payment date, the current work around is to cancel the current subscription and create a new subscription. Annoying, but gets the job done.
  • You must enter the admin password to make a change to a subscription. This is to safeguard this page and prevent your lower level staff from making changes. Keep in mind that if you use a shared computer to access this page, be sure to NOT save your password here. If you do, then the autofill may prepopulate this and give unwanted staff members the ability to make changes.

This next update will make your consultants happy.

We have just overhauled the Staff editor so that it can now store phone numbers, email, Infusionsoft Id’s, and more. This is going to allow us to do a lot more automation tasks, but for the moment now whenever a new appointment is created for a staff member, they will get an email notification with the appointment details.

A few notes about this:

  • The Appointment Type must be set to “Appointment” in order for the consultant to get a notification
  • The Consultant must have an email entered in the system.

So watch the video to learn how to update your staffs information so they can begin getting the email notifications.

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