May 17

Update #8 – International Date Support and Daily Attendance Reports


After a few requests from my friends overseas, I have made an update to InfusedGym to allow international date formats (dd-mm-yyyy). This setting is an easy on/off toggle in the User Settings menu. All dates shown inside InfusedGym will be then shown with the chosen date format (either mm/dd/yyy or dd-mm-yyyy).

One thing to keep in mind, is that Infusionsoft also has the ability to show dates in an international format, but it is not an easy on/off switch. You will need to create a ticket with Infusionsoft for them to toggle this for you, and it takes them a couple of days to activate it. However, regardless of the date format you choose, it doesn’t prevent InfusedGym from functioning properly.

The second update is a new report called the Attendance Report. Not very creative, but to the point. 🙂

This report will allow you to choose a date to look up attendance reports for, and will show ALL classes (including open mat) that students have attended. You can sort this table however you like, and then click on any stat to open a list of students in that stat (which can also be clicked to open the student profile).

To see tutorials about these updates, visit the Training Library by clicking here.


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